Tuesday, 23 August 2016

A Layer of Skin..

The human body is; so vulnerable to injury.. its a bag of Blood in a skin bubble.. so easily ripped open... so easily destroyed... from within by poison and without by many a blunt object... and those with bad intent..

a thin Layer of Skin, displays a book a thousand times thicker... and a character that cannot be faked or replicated... only on film can a being live forever.. in the same moment of time: repeatedly...

Art is a growing Panacea of positive re-illumination.. only in Art can we begin to see the World as it is not.. (see anything Banksy, the Messiah of selfless free art for all, for free) yet we are so blind to beauty, we can still see the Advert.. the thought, that became a visual word... in an Ocean of meaningless communication, Art is life... the signature of a soul.. left for others to re-discover, the truth is not really all out there...

it's inside... seek within.. the only contemplation worth perpetuating is the pursuit of 'Fun'... without fun; you are no-one...

Art is the recording of Fun: fun is the inexplorable boundary's of how far out fun can go... generate fun and wonder, laughter and merriment... only the happy are conscious.... the sad are alive... but 'living in the past'... and dead already.. it is those who go out and find the inside; out there... far out... communicate integrate and tolerate the ideas of others... the Pe@cemakers are the real Fun seekers!..

get to now; via, Fun and Art... have fun... lose yourself in the pursuit of as much fun as you can find; give; and share... it's everywhere..

Be 'There' not somewhere else... Higher consciousness is not an exam, it is a letting go... to find a new grip... when you do.. help others find the same trip... just one tablet for a lifetime of endless high's..

I call that a bargain... buy 1 get free.. from all other addictions... right here ready now; to share it.. instantly... by semantic metaphor.. above..

Pax Christi = 3; you; (Mum) god of love; and me.. we Happy three.. for in our true hearts we continue to be united; no sorrow is unrequited.. till the membrane bursts.. and you are once again ripped untimely from a woman's womb... so soon are we all parted..

But soon reunited.. in the quantum Deserts of square sand.. where spirit no longer requires matter and all is at hand.. in a grand design, which as we pull away on a slow 4k drone tracking shot..

You will see the wonder; of the Thunder.. and the magic of a good Heart.. just believe there are good people in the Streets.. "not many" but there are some, one or two.. who, if you ever meet em; will change you.... 

Angels with Dirty faces, and ragged clothes.. when you truly help another, you are making miracles accidentally; that can come back to You.. in the diffused kaléidoscope of retrospect.. as a living 'thing'.. a memory of Happiness is worth Crying for every time... when were you ever happier?... you can be innocent again.. do I have to tell you how?... isn't it plain for idiots to see?.. when an angel finds you, you find your way back to who you were supposed to be..

May you be near when they pass Your Way... may they see the potential in you that I see; right now... may you always be beautiful.. and in the transcendence only an Artist can know, or see.. may you stop traffic in the street, to bring your beauty into this world.. and all who you touch make a better day.. for You Danni.. my NY:NY personal BFF till the end of the internet.. You brought me more Joy than i can contain... it's insane... I miss you badly... You half crazy Cow...

That there is You; in this slot; of eternity.. you will never die; please believe me.. thought we may never meet again, remember I am your true friend.. Now I know you were sincere... oops 5 years too late.. ding ding.. END of round 9...

though we never spoke.. I will never give up hope.. that somewhere out there one spoilt child is Grateful... and that kid is You..

Learning to give Love is an Art-form, from a Tortured soul.. on a bed of thorns... Pain can turn to Paradise, in an instant.. the instant you find.. Fun in Pain.. lol...  with someone who can take it and "give it".. hey Janis.. sorry I was possessed.. hey; I'm a total blank now!..

only a quadriplegic understands what it is; not to feel pain, the absence of pain does not validate a conscious mind: or deny one... The observer is the only person who can ever exist, in their perspective and angle of perception, and supposition of what they actually saw.. only exists in Modified reality.. please can we see it too?.. only in Death does life start to get, more interesting..

Amen +

C Da GoD of Harlem... and find an elusive Rose.. with an irresistible mystique of an old friend... who can ever forget the smell of New York City... it's a perfume in itself..

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