Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Ye; Earths Ma..

= Theresa May... (title is an anagram of Her name) Cometh the Hour cometh the woman.. and Theresa is tougher than any Psychopath in a pin stripe suit... or a Turban and usual face cloth, She can look right in the eye of Evil... and stare back with a deeper resolve..

if Hillary Gets in to the White-house, as if She wont!.. the fate of the Free World will be in the Hands of women, Don't forget Angela Merkel.. the most powerful 3 people in the richest Country's in the world... there will be "Tea Parties in the Rose Garden" with cream cakes, and home baked Scones.. now that's what I call Party Politics..

After years of tongue wagging and pontification from perverts in suits.. who cant see further than their next free Lunch.. Girl Power has come to pass, as spoken and foretold; in the hallowed Predictions of the Spice girls.. may Peace and Royalties be upon them...

You are witnessing History in Mankind, the fate of our final Destiny will rest in the soft hands of the refined female kind.. who are the least likely to wage war or make sneak attacks of enemies.. no; they will win the Worlds attention by Grace... so saddle up; to join the real Human race.. Go Girls..

''nos omnes aliquando mulieres dominatae''
=Women rule us all... eventually..

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