Sunday, 17 July 2016

When Nice turns Nasty..

When the celebration of life and and the unrestrained pursuit of freedom turns nasty.. you know who's usually to blame.. and in Who's name; they self actuate like a land mine.. which sits quietly for some amount of time.. then; by devious intentions to cause harm; Detonates... with malicious cruelty and wicked intent..

These Acts are so insane; it is an inversion; of an act of God.. the absolute opposite of friendliness.. these people are hopeless at social integration or any universal moral compliance.. .. they hardly ever smile or do good deeds? I am personally very pissed with them.. and what little good I may have had within me.. burns and turns to rage and hatred... screaming blue murder for revenge, for vengeance.. just like their tiny one dimensional minds..

Mind You, France Had their pants down... doing what they do so naturally and habitually... seeking celebration and Fun, unity and Love for all.. where were the titanium pneumatically activated Stop poles? like they have on some Bus lanes... where was the front line with snipers ready to take out such a threat, not entirely unexpected after the previous attacks, the 2 Policemen who initially took a shot each, should have emptied their clips in his head... why did they stop! shooting?...

there should have been an order to "Shoot on Sight" at such blatant threats... a barricade to stop a Tank or any vehicle is very easy to deploy and set up, and to dismantle afterwards.. and that is not a paranoid action either.. it's a wise and thoughtful prevention in the expectation of all things unknown yet plausible to implement..

unbelievably some good things come out of such events; for example; People come together and help one another.. and we get closer to God!.. the God of the True Human Heart.. the Compassionate and selfless qualities, of a Saint; even if part time; 

these people have no conception of 'goodness'.. it definitely focuses and polarises the hearts true resolve.. "to do good in the face of evil" and to help others in great distress... giving our very lifeblood to help our fellow Mankind..

we must all be the extended hand of Help, hope, and even Mercy to the perpetrators.. to teach them the Power of Human Love.. even for a few moments once... like a relay race, others will take the baton and run on with it... it is the only way to Escape the hopelessness here; in the Prison of the Present, into the darkness of the unknown.. and be protected by the innocence of our own damaged faith, to an eternal life of Joy and contentment.. 

be a friend to a stranger.. open up; give; and try a little kindness... just the gift of a smile, can momentarily lift the spirits of a sad soul... who is bleeding to Death in the Gutter without hope... when the time comes you will do it instinctively; as once you feel compassion.. no other thought or desire can interrupt the love of God flowing through You.. to assist a soul in deep distress... it will fill you up.. and complete You:

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