Monday, 18 July 2016

what a Wonderful Day..

Oh Boy.. I have had a few really good productive days.. as I'm on a Manic High phase, where everything in your day just fits together like a dovetail joint from a master craftsman... (the Creator) an indescribable sense of elation at just being alive.. and enjoying things mixed and varied...  the smell of Lavender which I steal from Gardens by the pocketful.. on our (me n Boo) 4:am walks into the dawn.. an indescribable feeling, (which I'm trying hard to approximate here in this blog)

to be one with whatever you look at contemplate and touch with mind; or hand; just fills you with wonder, and exhilaration.. the very act of Breathing is like a luxury beyond any carnal pleasure.. in fact it's damn nigh a spiritual high closely resembling Nirvana.. Satori.. the peace of the Buddha, or the Peace of Christ, whatever whoever why-ever.. nothing can stifle your calm... 

not traffic.. not the heat, no feelings of self hatred and revulsion, Sans regret's, missed chances, lost fortunes.. dead love, lost Lovers, life changing disappointments, are still in the memory; to be re-read and change your head back to sadness.. but somehow; the tiny prayer of liberty from my present situation is in transit... in segments.. and parts of those pieces all add up to an uninterrupted flow of a focused undulating state of mind...

Shucks!; I wish I could post it; as an enclosure in this blog.. for you to open and jump into the experience too.. but perhaps just this description alone will have the potency to 'flip your sadness into gladness'.. to seek; and to find it as well.. (ask your unconscious it will show you)

Just like me.. That Nice Lady last Dec opened a door deep in my hungry soul for 'significance and acceptance'.. and it kick started this magnanimous transformation, which I am blessed to enjoy...

You could argue I am just totally selfish after all that has happened in the world recently.. and I should harness my level of happiness to an appropriate quiet respectful volume, to some this may seem disrespectful.. but your mind and heart can readily compartmentalise each "truly natural thought"... 

a Scientologist might call me a 'clear' or even an 'OT' (Operating Thetan) to be utterly aware of all that you can perceive around you, and feel within you at once!... all the time..

My Mothers spirit comes to me, and comforts me, I have never been so close to Her, since She died.. really!.. and I talk to Her.. best of all; She listens.. No doubt about it.. she blesses every Hour of My day.. in life I treated Her like shit.. but now we have finally bonded in Sacred ways..

a glorious state of Mercy, to have been freed from, "The prison of the Present".. into a calm certainty of a real serenity that is not drugs; but; the coherent functioning of the 4 hemispheres (of the Brain) at one within you.. where the primitive Animal mind and the human in you unite into a whole being.. where all repression is released.. all sorrows cease.. and the sweetness of an innocent heart is born again inside you... at deepest Peace.. deep within your  Soul..

you become like a Child again, in a world of wonder.. to feel such high emotions about the simplest things.. like today.. walking in the Forest with my Small, but mighty in spirit, Companion, called "Boo".. sometimes sitting on a log, to savour the moments, and just soaking up the entire universe atom by atom... to see Her sniffing and snorting at the undergrowth and just like me; in a world of sensual manifestation.. and endless fascination, that arrests and captivates your state of mind into a near-Biblical event..

a contentment that wants for nothing.. I have all I need to be happy, and yearn for nothing more, that is not presently there.. for to dream sometimes blinds the mind from, the ever present Love of God.. which is ultimately.. the Mercy that lets you continue to live.. not worrying about afterwards.. for there is only one now.. and heaven is assured.. so dont fret, or get ratty.. and dump your misery's on another's.. vulnerable feelings.. bring light with you wherever you go... even in silence you can communicate with others without words..

P@x Christi 
good Health; and 'May good thoughts be yours..'

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