Saturday, 2 July 2016

Saturated in Hatred

I can understand all minds in a state of Hate.. as I have been there of late.. there is no Math, reason, logic or barrier against it... it only takes 'one bad soul with selfish intentions'.. to start an avalanche.. in 1979 when Ayatollah Khomeini started his public racism against all things western... 

He is the single person that started this whole movement of a 'righteous plethora of unstoppable discrimination' to teach smaller minds to follow his invective.. from that book of lies and bullshit..

And they did, like Sheep, like the sheep they eat... like the simple Sheep they all are.. if just one Sam missile had brought his plane down on the way back to Iran.. this entire World would be in a better place than it is now...

'Hate is Great' which is the real interpretation of Allah Akbar... after all he is the God of Hate, anyway; their racist delusion of spiritual supremacy.. is the greatest evil ever instructed for people to follow... and like the weak willed stock they come from; they just blindly believe it..

have you noticed? How rigorously effective they are generating Hate.. but pretty Lame to completely useless at LOVE.. and mostly offensive and ignorant in between.. their Morality is Amorality manifest and personified.. show me a single act of Mercy?... or selflessness; show me something beautiful they have done?... you will find none; they have no town planners, just bombs and banners..

Hate is dangerous.. to feel; and to be motivated by.. just like Love; it is Blind.. and there is no limit to the things they cannot perceive; being blinded by an utterly corrupt belief... railroaded and blinkered from Birth.. how do you save a Race that is Dammed... beyond redemption..

of Nationalism, elitism, and racism.. Religion is the most fatally dangerous; to speak of in Public.. and to openly adhere to; all are a part of the same thing, the Amorphous asphyxiation of a Dogma on an easily led half wit with no conscience or educational reference to an alternative mind set; they dont allow free thought, which is the essence of an individual..

they want a race of automatons, like the hive mind of a Fire Ant colony.. who will sacrifice their body parts, life, future, and Family.. torn to pieces for the motives of the greater whole.. who cares not a Fig for your personal welfare..

Bad Faith is the Universal destroyer.. in and on any level of Human interaction.. Revenge is the great illusion of self righteousness .. but to forgive is the act of an Idiot.. Love Your enemy?.. I dont think so: that is the motto of imbeciles and Cowards..

The World is run by Bullies.. who wont stop till they get their prize.. which is the permanent infliction of dread and fear, on the freedom to seek peace of mind... There is no rest for the enslaved who's only wish is to walk away from the camp of confinement..

where only Death is the way of a false Prophet... for all His Detractors... and critics.. the ways of Jesus is the last refuge for the condemned... it is the final thin thread of hope left to Man:

which is yet another illusion, for the Peasants.. but far more Beautiful than to believe the lies of Men who steal any happiness you may have hidden away.. You got to be a moderate Racist.. if you want to live in a "Human Race" over beasts of the field... who will rape your Children, then cut their throats, when they are done;

Always be ready to die; at any moment... the secret is to Cease caring... once you get through fear itself.. You have Won: as Death is the deepest kiss that seduces your bag of blood and bones to give up completely... it's the final fuck that always comes before you've finished...

This is totally appropriate..

wait till the 44th second... to hear the "words"..

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