Monday, 25 July 2016

Biggest Scam on Earth..

is.. Romantic Love... (wretch; hurl) you knew it already.. coz trouble is you not only get Scammed by someone else, you willfully Scam yourself... the Illusions that hormones and Symmetry brings.. symmetry? why yes.. beauty is not only symmetrical it is evenly proportioned...

Beauty is the prettiest flower that gets the most hits from Bees.. same with a Sexy face.. a beautiful face; is a direct extension of the promised genitals therein.. buried in soft clean cotton; indisputable! my Dear Watson... unless your in Thailand where pretty boys imitate Girls to get favors... so they can suck some of your bank roll.. Beauty can corrupt itself and others who see it..

The Biggest Scam on Earth for humans; is Sexual attractiveness.. as much a curse as any blessing... be a Trophy wife.. be a Bimbo.. a ticket hunter with your fake unnatural breasts etc... painted face and liposuction ass... a veneer is thin, as thin as a skin... it's the blood and guts you ought to seek.. within..

never trust your own judgement; and bad taste... before you go to waste.. do not judge in so much haste... the wise waits... for the impossible love that can never be transferred to reality.. the only thing ever worth living for; is that you can never have... nothing beats unrequited love; for the boot camp of the soul..

be poor in heart.. then you might find an assimilation of emotional completion, a like mind; a kindred spirit, not a compromise borne of estimated logistics... and aesthetic preferences... only the blind of sight, can see true beauty.. which is the goodness radiating from the soul of the true Beloved..

the greatest beauty is unseen in the darkness... requires no light.. just the faith it was there at all.. that fills your heart with certain hope; a passport to paradise needs no stamp to prove you arrived...

You were already here: you just dont realise it yet....

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