Sunday, 5 June 2016

The Most Noble Pursuit of all..

Mmm.. that's basket of Mouse-traps.. Hendrix's 'Room full of Mirrors'.. is an excellent piece of Lit-Rock, i.e. great literature in the lyrics of a humble song.. or the ravings of a Genius.. as always you; decide;

''I used to live in a room full of mirrors
All I could see was me
Well I take my spirit and I crash my mirrors
Now the whole world is here for me to see
I said the whole world is here for me to see
Now I'm searchin' for my love to be''

I would say Living for others with no care; for your own welfare, is right up there; amongst the more Noble of intents... But hey wait a Goddamn Minute.. That is what Mothers do!.. "by default, Generic, pre-programmed into her DNA.. by the deepest of instinct's, a Mother is really "The supreme Being" or at least the nearest extension of it.. the closest you ever get, to a living Angel, who you shout at throw things at; yet when there is no-one else...

Mom/Mum, is still there.. till she isn't.. then you are a lost sorry Soul looking for redemption.. and much forgiveness.. that never comes.. as you remember all She suffered, and Died Alone... while you watched TV 9 miles away.. that straps your heart and guts and consumes you in time.. like on a Gurney for execution 

by asphyxiation the worst possible Panic; the permanent denial of a clean lungful of air.. ever again.. the shock of the panic kills you.. as shock indeed can quite easily trigger, the internal OFF reflex.. the reflex to die.. that one day responds without warning.. almost for no reason..

it's quite easy to work out when you sit down and think about it.. wisdom does not necessarily come with time or even experience... there is no room for idiot's.. like me.. in between echelons in the multi story car park of the visible systemic variables of your being... i.e. class system, us n them stuff.. I am considered common and very low class..

anything you do just to please yourself, is selfish to start with 99% of the time... you are allowed 1% as a treat.. save it up and it can become a very big treat!..

Quick list: will Edit later.. must feed my compulsers the people who are compulsive re-readers of my sad and twisted Blog: who love my lack of predictability.. and outrageous juxtapositions of sheer madness mixed with plausibility.. yet sobering occasional conclusions of some poetic merit.. ahem..

because even I dont know what I am going to say next... Duhhh.. '~*

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