Monday, 27 June 2016

Sweet suprize

Today is personally historic.. as a Lady who is a World class Human added me to her twitter followers.. She is considered one of the most beautiful faces ever to exist on Celluloid.. I dont want to mention Her name out of respect.. as if I was looking for Celebrities and was dropping names to impress small minds..

and it all comes down to words?.. I adore words like Picasso loved canvas.. from dusk till twilight they spontaneously pour from me... as I am having a perpetual conversation with my unconscious mind all day every day... it's how I make sense of the world I'm in, and all the memories of which I am a caretaker to; in the Museum of 'Me'...

and when I start to type... I feel free.. to say it like it is... however crude or Simple.. I feel an enormous power within me to describe things to express emotions like symphonies.. that ejaculate on my blog page like Liquid Diarrhea on a bedsheet... into the Art of a Wet Fart... which frequently takes me to a place so far out and away.. like landing on Pluto without a radio... or any food..

Yet even though you have just 90 mins of Oxygen.. you still dont feel alone.. because someone activated the recognition mechanism of life; and thought of you, and brought you into existence; however brief..

Such is the nature of passing Joy.. to be savoured not squandered.. even though life is free, it is also disposable... like a Condom or a Razor blade.. and nobody mourns for a blade of grass; cut in the summer sun..

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