Monday, 27 June 2016

Say No no no; to Rio.. uh oh..

Rio will be a human catastrophe with bad buildings collapsing and injuring and killing over 500.. Street Robbers hooking Men Pimping tempting Pre-Teen Girls will get murdered.. and robbed... then blackmailed; robbed, and cut to pieces.. with Chainsaws.. I have seen it and it is quite shocking.. 

if you do attend, put your Spunk on Ice.. and Ovums too.. if you want to conceive a Kid that has more than half a brain.. and wont need spoon feeding and bottom cleaned for the rest of it's life... Drown that fucking retard.. it wont know the difference between life and death, these Kids are living abortions anyway..

The Olympics is the fast track to Spastic children... you go to support your team but think what you can bring back..

I hear your mental condemnation even b4 this is posted.. as the feeling soul and the living mind operate outside of time... as the time of the mind's ability to cognise stimulus has no limit in the ether of universal consciousness.. or Jung's collective knowledge; hidden forever in a part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum; reserved for Clear vision.. Clairvoyance... Dumb asses need not apply...

I dont claim to be any Fortune teller.. just a rather interesting dilettante.. an incongruous Quasi-pseudo-fraud you tolerate... who sometimes brings the Bacon home... esoterically speaking.. ahem..

Whoever goes will bring it back.. thats the second catastrophe.. has anyone noted that Zika virus sounds a bit like Zeta reticuli?... do your own research.. I am about to have dinner..

''Quid ita aut quare non in re ; in effectio est principium de alia re,''
(I said that!)

= The why or wherefore is not the point; the realisation is the beginning of another reality...

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