Monday, 6 June 2016

Inactive Account...

Social media is 90% a croc of shit.. only Google loves You.. keeps your heartfelt outpourings safe... not Deleted, like your never deleted, from Facebook, if you care to research...

My; MySpace account was erased... because of inactivity... ho hum... only 700 Blogs lost... and others.. because you didn't read the Advert's.. or log in for a period of time...

Not so with beloved... Google, the interface to digital perfection, and longevity with online accounts.. they never delete an old friend..

The next great thing Google ought to Copyright... is a graveyard on the net.. that will never be deleted.. like a gravestone is eventually ground to dust like "things in the real world decay with weather and atomic disintegration.. as all and ever will be... but google could bury multiple memory Sat's into Deep Space.. with our traces of existence.. and a few Jpegs.. our last words could roam eternity, just waiting to be decoded..

Binary is the English of the Universe... but we shall become another extension, to a greater; larger empire.. we shall be; what we were always bound to become.. they playthings of a higher lifeform.. who have the final say; and in the final analysis; total control... of everything..

They tried to make a paradise from a Rat colony.. and this is not the first long term experiment we were born to be a part of..... But; you must admit this is a pretty cool simulation... with so much sensory input.. it's the glorious illusion of one single lifetime... which we all pretty much waste..

just enjoy the ride... it is all there is:
until the upgrade; only rebooted after Death:

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