Sunday, 22 May 2016

Painful put down..

Had a very distasteful set of moments to day in the sunshine.. while somnambulating or; hobbling while wobbling.. I saw the Damned Bitch of the Blog.. the smoothe Devil.. I was transformed by in the second week of  last December..

Via 'the illusion of a fixed focus on something' that overwhelmed ones ability to reason or rationalise... yet by a process of osmosis, and catalytic reaction I was brought a dream of deliverance.. in a feeling of significance.. that has now long lost it's Psychotic after effects...

It was wonderful and life affirming then.. but now I dread seeing Her.. and she me.. Today was an excellent example.. I saw the Dog first, as He has so much more character recognition in my frame of reference.. from about 500ft and I then, secondary recognition... saw it was Her with Her Other Half.. and a couple of seconds after that, I thought..

"Oh my God.. she's seen me... as they both turned 180' to turn their back and walk back to the gate that I had first seen them coming from at 600yds ... in a field next door to the part I was in with Boo..

My Guts Collapsed.. the feeling of rejection and unworthiness filled me like an enema via the heart... OMG.. I never felt so worthless.. not that I wanted to 'engage her presence Anyway!' as I have somewhat tired of Her vacuous insular revulsion .. for lesser beings than she... like me...

I would have been content with a tiny wave.. but no.. Now; she has made me hate her; the eventual conclusion; to all affairs; of the mind heart and soul... Now I must stalk anyone from her family and bludgeon them to Death with an Ice Pick..

lol.. a Lesser being indeed would think that twisted way... but I will turn from any thoughts of harm.. because, fortunately I am more enlightened.. than your average Paranoid Schizophrenic.. I will use telekinesis and mind control instead..

mind You I have the floorplans to her house; and easy access via a supermarket car park right at the end of Her garden.. with an easily overpowered wooden fence... I have all the Sat Photos from Google Earth... every assassins best friend.. when planning funky Jihad.. against the enemy of a Plastic Jesus air freshener..

But being a Poet.. I am content to slash your brain with words; inference; and verbal whipping... to unhinge you..

Revenge is insinuated not delineated... by causality alone;

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