Saturday, 7 May 2016

Custodian of the unconscious

Who is to blame for what you do?.. all your mind; a part of it; or the output of the paranoid unconscious,.. a hiccup of an unintended invective.. reacting too swiftly, at great cost to "the future"..

"I didn't know what I was doing!!".. hard luck you got the noose.. the Garot.. the gas chamber.. the chair.. the lethal high you never expected to get for free..

Always remember You manners; an off the cuff angry retort; can get your throat cut instantly... in the jungle where they took your sorry ass...

Who is the custodian of your morality?... and; do you follow the rules?.. most people are corrupt... how can you be selectively moral when you are as guilty as anyone.. but have not been caught out..Yet... we all do; a little; "Skimming".. a Mafia terminology.. "Viva la Casa Nostra".. yeah.. coolest killers with the most; poetry of death.. I salute you..

I thought Karma was bullshit.. till it Shat in my face: but hey.. I still got a life, but sadly without feet to walk on, or hands to wipe my ass or wank with.. this life is evens on being dead: which is a no deal no win situation...

when the Drugs run out.. KILL YOURSELF... lol.. you dont have the spine to deny yourself one more "TV dinner".. one more fix of normality..

when all you do is; eat; and shit;.. it's time to say, let's do Jihad.. what can I lose... I was a silent waster, let me waste other waster's from a different degree of being wasted.. lets all get wasted... and waste it all for ever.. 100% of our Guilt is self indulgence, to think impure desires.. Who in all sincerity can freely admit to 'Being Good'... only the evil would admit to that..

it's when you see how bad you've been that you cry out with full lungs.. I am guilty.. kill me..

Hey; it's your Call.. I would frankly rather be killed than be; "Re-Educated"... Death is not to be feared; but to be desired.. but by humility.. not self immolation...
who are you.. yet..

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