Sunday, 8 May 2016

Black Goo..

No Idea what that is?.. then you are way out the loop.. in the grapevine of the politically insane alternate reality seekers, the faith healers, and the ufo abductees, etc etc..

The underbelly which is populated with half crazed sublime psychopaths hidden deep in the garments of a visionary.. or a Prophet (God Forbid) the weirdos and frauds that inhabit the alternate culture of all those conspiracies and hidden realities... in the living douche bag of Humanity's many multiple mixed evils..
Who do you listen to; and believe? 

what megalithic artifice of well constructed Cowshit.. meant to scare; control; and deprive you; of your very wit's themselves... WTF.. get a grip on reality.. as if.. that were possible..

Who cares; knows, who doesnt care knows; even less.. as they are altogether ignorant of most things anyway...  apparently this primordial Black Goo.. is an intelligent Oil.. that is slowly but assuredly taking complete control of further ventures in creation itself...

Do your own research.. make up your own mind, if you happen to have one with you that day...

here is a tantalising kick start.. give it 10 mins..

patients required...

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