Friday, 22 April 2016

ZIKA virus Kills Prince Official:

An itty bitty little FLU.. killed our Purple Boy... or the latter repercussions of it.. a lot of hidden genetic lethal trash leapfrogs on the back of Flu.. is this a sign.. of future times.. Spanish Flu killed 5% of the Earth's population; in early 20th.. everyone on the planet is related to some of them... and all of us are related to the Dead!..

will it soon be us; of course!;... the Olympic Games are bound to be a accidental Global disaster.. cos if the World goes to Rio, they will take back the virus to to world... it was coming anyway; but somewhat slower.. to think a celebration of fitness could be the root canal of our total universal infection to be touched by it.. it's a Greek tragedy in real life..

My Advice is: ''Cancel the future, at least for the time being...'' stock up; stay at home, dont go out unnecessarily; and wash your hands after all contact with "others".. everybody is unclean, and; or; mentally flawed; and inferior to most houseflies for bacterial transmigration of multiple infections.. on most surfaces... including your "semi permeable membrane" =  of skin...

everyone you have ever kissed has left parts of their living existence in the molecular tapestry of your being; and their atomic harmonic assonance that have been absorbed within Your unconscious mind...

shun the world and hope they Go away.. 
my point is:

There is nowhere to go, there is nothing you can do; to add; one breath; of any significance to your tiny flash in the obscurity of all things come and gone.. the best Quote I can think of is.. the Doobie Brothers line... "love the one You're with".. with me it's a tiny 20lb life.. for you it's whatever you have, that matters to you..

to hell with the rest of um.. ''people will always let you down'' do you know something?.. a Christian told me that!... Maybe the Devil ain't the bad guy after all.. as always you decide...

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