Sunday, 10 April 2016

The Pitfalls of Ambiguity..

in Higher Schools of learning, like Kindergarten; there should be lessons; in one's own ability to discriminate from a falsehood of misinformation, double meanings, and understanding the thin threads of anothers humble truth... should be taught.. 

Like Ambiguity... when something can be so totally misinterpreted..

I think Ambiguity is much more dangerous than previously considered.. especially to the "Paranoid mind"... which my Pet's can be all; and any of us.. dont feel out-included by me saying that.. were all fuck ups sooner or later... I am glad to report I no longer suffer from ambiguities consequences..

like that last Blog.. I thought if your mind was unhinged enough you could see evil, where there was no evil; just good intentions...

like ''hear no evil; see no evil; think no evil''^.. You know what that really means?.. 

= dont half hear; something.. that might not be wicked; in an accusers ignorant Ear; or retelling embellishment and utter understanding of it...

See no Evil... dont assume you saw Anything.. that is a misconstrued perception without all the facts.. were you too swift to condemn..

Think no Evil; dont bury people in your dislike and prejudice, and taint their memory with illicit recriminations undeserved.. were you there?.. do you know the whole story...

i.e. never rush headlong into judgement.. 
what do you really know: such is the beauty of Mercy and true generosity of heart.. may you drink your own tears to survive its harsh desert.. until the time to regret.. like Judas, yet he was only fulfilling his purpose and destiny.. 

the moral of this interpretation is:
Careful who you; crucify.. either in a dismissive thought, on a cross with blood running down the woodwork... or a helpless Abortion in a Bucket of Blood... how can anyone mistake Cruelty for Kindness.. you must be blind Deaf and Dumb.. (which is; the very inversion; of the original phrase ^)

Memento Mori (latin = Remember you will die)

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