Wednesday, 20 April 2016

illusion of Permanence

Of course you knew that and occasionally tell yourself.. "this can't last forever".. this "kiss, this holiday, this affair, this heartache, this emptiness, this sense of always being a slow fading forever.. without end... i.e. Hell is too much of anything!.. 

each average life, in their average income and expectations, have the balanced knowledge that "they didn't fail, but they could have done much better.."

They got a mediocre K-Mart mentality.. life is all about stuff; pleasure; and acquisition; the Rich die Hardest!!.. coz they never had enough actually.. their torment is the most regrettable... when they look down from the Astral plane (Jung's collective consciousness) and see Pigs spending their Gold..

Not the forgiving acceptance of a life burnt out like a living candle.. expect nothing and you will get everything.. remember the "Meek"...

I am attempting to be Esemplastic.... Wot!?

''Esemplastic'' a new word I found only TODAY! You gotta read it's true definition.. it's a Holistic experience for me... thats what I have been trying to do for, hundreds of blogs... to make it easy on the simple mind, like mine..

1. having the ability to shape diverse elements or concepts into a unified whole: the esemplastic power of a great mind to simplify the difficult.

Not so much a great mind but an idiot who looks at life through phenomena.. and its possible consequences and influence.. on thought itself.. to think clearer is always the objective.. it must be yours too..

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