Thursday, 28 April 2016

I would love to be Interesting..

O god; I would love to be interesting..
As if.. I could ever be.. but where there is no Ego there is no offence ha ha... I am the Cunt from Hell with a beak like Nero's Squid.. but humour me.. and if your lucky I may fondle you.. in a manner of speak, if you will, go ahead, the head i seek is of the mind, not a deep throat...

I never ever really enjoyed "blow Jobs" as such it always felt so immoral and unnecessary.. I thought vaginas; were where Spunk went? why did daddy lie to me?

not even a diner party could release the secrets in me: it takes a medium to talk to me in actuality.. as I cant be there at the time of talking.. it is always some time later, that I realise how funny I could have been.. and how fascinating your question was.. and how alluring your tainted spirit wearing too much intoxicating perfume..

"Not Guilty You Honour... She made me Rape Her.. My cock just couldn't say NO... it had to go in at any price.. I fell up Her Your Honour.. it just went in without human touch, it found it's way..

#whatever.. I will tell all for the gift of forgiveness.. just dont press Charges... (hope your laughing as much as I am..)

always allow yourself to feel good: be kind to yourself.. who gives a damn..

even at the cost of a Virgins Hymen... Her Pogo stick was going to break it anyway... where's the crime in a little heavy petting? wot else have old Gits got to do but wank over pictures of (fully dressed) schoolkids... lmfao.. you fukkers should see your faces.. I sure dont want to see your feces.. turn your webcam on..

I always wanted an Android Sex slave like Kirk once had on Star Trek.. having sex with "machinery is not yet illegal" unless you use Children to operate it?... who needs kids when you have made the ultimate milking machine for old dicks and Dons, that need a good Squirt out of..

Just kidding reader... just taking the piss out of **** and the trolls of interstellar coagulation of species... we dont need sex.. 
just Free MTV.. and fresh underwear. to hide the stains of the past that can never be retrieved... who waste's a Diary entry, for a turd?..

how about and interactive teen movie.. the goal of all Hedonists is to have an orgasm that lasts a lifetime... hey when it's a crime I will do the time.. but only an imbecile can do it... it has been proven.. I am living proof... too much wanking makes you demented.. but very contented...

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