Sunday, 10 April 2016

saw Lisa To-Day..

Just to-day; while hanging on a "turnpike U.S. - U.K. translation = "Roundabout"! in our Quaint Country Town.. I Saw fit and Healthy Lisa.. The offspring of many a previous Blog's content.. i.e. the origin of Species incarnate to my favorite old lifeforms.. 

She was on a fucking Bicycle and looked a tiny tinge Healthy.. which is still skinny to "normal perspectives".. I nearly broke down in tears.. coz our eyes actually met for a good 3 quarters of a long second... a mutual warmth and intimate recognition happened in that tiny eternity..

and I secretly screamed "good Work Lisa.." She is so stylish.. like her Megalithic Old Ma.. chic and Cachet go hand in hand with them both... Why?

Coz She was perfectly dressed and riding a bike that looked like a prop from a 40's film about fitness.. She certainly does have an expansive understanding of Classic styles circa 30's-late 60's.. quite tuned, and no doubt "obsessional" to detail and will not wear a cheap imitation...

If I could I would love to anonymously sent genuine 1930's rolex Ladies platinum limited edition.. just to appease Her good taste...

Is She a Poser or a wannabe Fashionista?.. Who cares.. I wish She would eat Something.. and Stop Her Mum/Mom.. worrying quite so much.. if She got an Appetite, I cannot imagine How Happy that would make Her.. 

I would give thanks if the best would happen.. either way any way, tomorrow or today... I risk being optimistic... She looked so Cool.. long live Lisa Rose..

She even Had a Hat.. of the finest colour and esthetic value..

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