Sunday, 3 April 2016


just in case you read this blog and you are worried or troubled by anything I have said here.. dont be... I forgive you.. Wholly and totally.. as I do understand.. I'm not a Monster even if I look like one..

be at ease; and peace.. I'm over it.. it's not a problem; it is nothing.. and I want nothing, expect nothing, persue nothing, because I know...

Nothing will save us all..
Nothing is all I sought in the first place..

My greatest Wish is for Nothing;..
it actually gives me everything I ever deserved..

Om; Shanti; Shanti; Shanti... 
Shanti; simply means “peace”. It’s a beautiful meaning and also a very beautiful sound. The shanti is repeated three times, Shanti is generally interpreted as meaning the Threefold Peace in body, speech, and mind (i.e. peace in the entirety of one’s being)..

will develop in detail; in a future blog... You can take the night off from worry, or any distress that might have been, imminent..

you are free to feel good.. I'll let you!.. 
and bless you for any fun you might find..


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