Sunday, 17 April 2016

Here comes Now..

The greatest Peace must be now: or the best you; can; do; with; it;.. if it is not for you.. then you are thinking un-naturally..  inner peace - it transcends the frequencies it displaces... and the peace you find in simple little things.. 

even just washing up.. walking the Dog.. "organising your consciousness" like a Mother thought matrix.. stop waiting for the i=unreachable future.. it cannot be as you expected.. it will always be a compromise... but if you float and go with the flow.. time is better utilised, augmented and wonderful..

it is Always the Beginning.. with a heart that knows true Joy.. the end; only leads to another day promised; to be also so filled.. this is the promise of God.. which is.. even death can't kill you.. get used to being transient; transcendent; and transmogrified; even in one mortal lifetime.. look at the metamorphoses you got through!!..

everything will be perfect in the future, it's just now we gotta get through... dont worry; dont fear.. even if you dont have faith.. I got plenty to lend You in theory?... plus I will have a better time; while you are worrying; about the tomorrow that cannot come... care not for release from this endless solitary confinement; ..when I told you all along it will be alright.. seek the eternity within you, it is not outside where the unknown always approaches from..

after all it is where; you came from... and end up going to.. Now is where you will always be.. so make the most of every single nano minute.. or you will live in a hell eternally postponed.. not a certain Knowledge of Happiness that is already here; the hope for life that a Child always dreams of.. that someday; the warm real toy of Joy.. will eventually be Yours.. because it is always "on the way".. it was promised, and Christmas Day seems like the Sahara Desert away..

when you stop Dreaming.. you might as well be dead.. when you stop being dead.. you might as well try living... it can be fun!..

Bless You for being a fool...+ and finally getting it right..

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