Friday, 8 April 2016

Got to get Arrested..

I have to call the Police and get locked up... from all human contact.. Because I feel so Good it is Criminal; to get so High... Why?..

Because; my Pet Lambs; the moment I presently have is the best.. not a moment in the future that may bring reward and satisfaction.. but now..

Just to give thanks for the life I have.. huh.. what life?.. (the inner life of a Poet to speak from the soul with joy) Ecstasy is a vast understatement.. I begin to see the unification theory everywhere.. and it takes no effort, to consolidate what is here and now, not promised as a payout in the future...

Poverty in Heart with contentment.. is better than Riches assured with all its attendant worry and distress... sometime in an undisclosed date in a possibility that might never flower... dont waste a hope unseen in a future that can never really arrive..

The hour of your Death will come only too soon, perhaps today.. and maybe you wont even expect it.. But; if you reach this place of grace in the surfing of the present moment with a guilt free heart.. You will begin to know the promise of eternal transmutation of consciousness..

that the pure in heart really do enjoy today, instead of your agonising tommorow that will only break you into pieces,.. as they grind your bones in the crematorium "post adjustment of whats left"

"They actually grind your bones" and many parts are still "quite intact!" what a pity they dont let you take the best bits...

For souveniers if nothing else.. not fucking dust!..

still feeling moderately wonderful.. but went off on one of those dark Rabbit holes of metaphysical subjective suppositions in hope of an eventual escape; where there seems to be no way out of this fear of; No life: = Death.. it is Therapy for a Reconciled Dreamer of nightmares.. who now controls Dreams in the Astral realm of plain time.. 

hang out; will try to tell you how... if you have the patients, I will find the time; and the words... + just for "Y'all".. 

the look of gratitude in someones eyes.. when you give them something good.. that they didnt expect to ever have.. that is the very motivation to want to give it to someone in the first place...

because you consciously chose; to give a little something.. rather than an ignorant sneer; or a put down.. but an unexpected gift of Love, which breaks all the laws of social understanding when it literally transforms a person's life force; for the better... a gesture of support..

for no reward, just for the Joy of seeing anothers happiness even for a few seconds... if you ever taste the Glory of giving.. you wont ever want to stop.. 

are you lost.. do I need to explain.. 
if I do; then.. You are.. 

but; Hopefully; most folk will assimilate to that...

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