Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Unlimited Tweet..

I love talking to people who are not there.. hang on; let me qualify that..

The closeness of other minds via the sorta cyborg extension of a PC/Tablet, even a decent second hand smartphone, or Tablet.. can become your "Portal" = You dont have to be with someone to feel their presence and essence..

even just by Voice.. Video is quite unnecessary.. and actually inhibits the imagination to some extent.. sometimes I wish I was a full blown Schizophrenic.. (not just a Bi-polar Manic Depressive, lol) because I love hearing disembodied voices through the night.. hence leaving on my Bed DAB radio via suspended Tablet just within arms reach, I leave the world service on all night...

as it does 2 things, it flavors my dreams and if something important happens I wake up in direct response to it.. like when Dear Old Bowie died... I woke up fast "coz I thought I was dreaming" = see what I mean?...

I am building a Time Machine.. out of old Sex aids and Cassette players... anyone care to come; in the present; and leave in the future?.. because I can guarantee that is what will happen... however long you stay...

if you'd rather not be born.. let me go back in time.. and stop your slut ho ho ho Mumma slipping a trick that gave her a kick.. and save you from a life that you realise was not worth living... it could save a lot of mess; time; and public services will be grateful..

Hey Ho, you can't win em all; not everybody can be Justin Beaver.. (the guy with a pretty cunt for a face) love him or hate him.. he's having a Ball... I'm a fan not a faggot.. but when he gets bored with "infinite Pussy" he might try an Alsatian Dog.. it dont make you a faggot.. but its worth it for a dare!..

How could anyone Lose Selina.. as foolishly as he did.. coz if you look a little deeper... you will perceive a pleasure seeking plutocrat who is an undercover Chauvinist pig.. i.e. he lost the Soul.. he didnt have in the first place... He sold out to the Devil..

his only frustration is to get something he cannot afford?.. and that really puts a demi-God down... when you know the whole World is not enough!..

Nice weed... come over and get a blow-back.. as if.. lol.. LMFAO.. Had a nice Day btw:

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