Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Random Paragraphs..

a collection of un-bourne blogs.. the Kernel in the Nut kinda thoughts to be later exemplified and explained in detail for you to guess what they might be.. they will potentially eventually be used.. thought you might like to see the fermentation process of my Word obsessed infinitely digressed suppositions, pet theorems and impossible postulations.. that might be defined as mind poetry without rhyme crime or event horizon.. Learning to fly a helicopter in the dark with blindfolds on: 

A New Virtual Law must be introduced, to have Biometric verification to all online accounts.. in 3-9 parameters... that will close down cloned accounts and a lot of Hate Trolls.. who inhabit the dirty toilets of perversion by torture of others.. both psychological and insidious.. those who would wish "to take control of You" like poor Dana Plato R.I.P.

Chaos to order?.. the infinite second chance...
Peace on Earth... doesn't have to be BORING!.. it's fun to be poor!.. it's magnificent to be in need.. yet give on to others in spite of your personal hunger for all you need... the richest people in soul, are the poorest of Heart...

everyone's Dreading Armageddon.. dont; it is the day of freedom and revelation.. and the day of Disclosure.. 

A genius must always be a child;  the real child within you.. thought and learning is a wonderful game, you cannot lose.. when you apply your initiative to play the game of consciousness..  there are no winners either..  just playing or taking part is all the reward you need, or should seek.. if riches follow; so be it.. it is a compound side effect of pure intellectual freedom to dream and invent..
The cure for Old age and mental decay.. is to play.. and be a wonder filled child again.. for keeps..

I'm only Happy when I am Crying... to bleed emotion is to evaporate into the ether..

wots wrong with me.. everything most of the time sleeping or waking, feels so beautiful.. the presence of a good spirit, just wont leave me.. and it is called BOO, the dog/Bitch;  heaven gave me after granting my prayers of a years asking..  for a true gentle companion.. who would/could be at peace with and love me, not for how I look.. but How much concious loving I could give once 100% commited.. its no commitment... it is the duty of Paradise to always give without asking, or expecting anything the beloved cannot understand or give..

Existentially versus exponentially..  life is an Exponential Existentiality.. that constantly reinvents its dynamic ability self observation.. = the atom becomes the observer..

what's the difference between
"wishful thinking, and intuition?...
there is a blog for History...
and the olympics of dynamic transcendent linguistics..

Sublime feelings.. of contentment.. explore the Joy of perpetual Ecstasy.. a street map for idiots: who are already in Satori, Heaven, but just dont recognise the topography... or realise the power of self discovery, and the infinite satisfaction of living and giving to others.. a variable percentage of the time..

Zero Point field; explore revise and explain: Lyn McTaggart; search file links etc:

the Hidden internal apocalypse.. explain brain bomb;

How can you possibly diagnose your own sanity?
or the converse...

You made the last embers of my Youth, burn again into a blacksmiths fire.. and there was no metal or flesh that could survive it without transcending..

I want your trust more than lust... just your smile once and awhile.. My motive is the total destruction of Fear.. and the complete realisation of selfless bravery...

Nazis so much style.. So little imagination.. or heart..
Plus Zero Conscience = the ISLAM of indoctrinated Xenophobia, make no mistake it's time to get angry and Hate!!.. at the gates of Hell.. do not dwell.. ring that Bloody Liberty Bell.. We the people; are the persons; who have the will; 

And; have the way.. +

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