Sunday, 20 March 2016

Mannequins For Comfort

If I had a filmmakers budget.. I would build a House filled with partially moving mannequins.. so I could play with them when I was entertaining The Police; acquaintances; or strangers in off the street... ha ha... so I can scare the living shit out of them..

or just to amuse myself... pretend friends are fun.. I love the fat emptiness; that only an illusion can evoke.. with a pinch of Sea Salt and a Virgin's Used tampon in the Harry Potter book of Sex for "teens".. 

called.. ''Spells to fuck the one that you want''.. what a pity there isn't a transplant for a dead libido... but it's still fun just watching other people who can still perform... I would pay them for the privilege of being a witness.. like prostitution by proxy..

eventually you will reach the conclusion that all you need is to do is; ''just think the satisfaction you need'' without all the time burning patients; wasting a tough pursuit of the impossible in the, real world..  
Hello?.. the best undisclosed skin to skin intimacy is in a carefully nurtured Dream... 

nothing lasts longer than an 'impossible Dream'.. that is what real romance is born of.. You will always be a success on the real estate of a devoted fantasy... live in a Movie of your own Directing, that is your Free will to shoot; out of sequence; any scene from any angle... with a good product placing... 

just another passing thought amounting to nothing substantial... Yawn.. what's new on YouTube... scratching my crotch and chewing over the option to play my XBOX... make a Coffee.. or go to bed with Kristin Scott Thomas.. in my mind, mind you... at least there will be no wet patch.. the anticipation of a pleasure, is often greater than the real thing... 

Dont forget to Dream.. or You wont live to tell the difference?..

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