Saturday, 19 March 2016

Late Prediction

Several years ago I had this 'foolish nonsense thought' that; I didn't think amounted to anything at all worth being recorded.. as it was crazy Madness?.. and that silly rubbish thought was...

"ATONAL MUSIC IS THE FUTURE OF MODERN POP"... and Kraftwerk were the Granddaddy of most of it all..

Boy I should have written it then... coz its turning out to be true.. I am listening to Radio 1 on a regular basis which is unknown to people my age!.. and I am fucking getting right down deep into these grooves... big fuckin time... to almost the point of OOTB Out of the Body Experiences.. I think Music is my favorite part of the electromagnetic Spectrum.. wish i had a wider broadband of sensual perception.. lol.. coz there is so much you just can't see feel or hear..!!!!

Check out my Fave endlessly looped favorite... Fuck me, what a Trip.. I have heard that looped on 3 mile walks, half crippled with backache.. but couldn't care less.. I was Spaced out completely... if u think its Shit?.. then you must automatically be a piece of shit too.. only a Dead Man could hate this track.. it's like the kiss of life from an angel who wants you to live forever.. 

Hear it 50 times.. and your might start getting there... this is how I found Fun.. How many degrees in a Sphere?..

there is no answer... a circle yes; maybe.. but not a sphere.. nobody told me; it just seemed Immutably divisible into infinity... as there cannot be a smallest division... infinity cannot be limited to an ordinary set of rules or understandable structures..

Tell me I am wrong... thats How this fine sonic hypnotism works on me.. I gave up masturbation altogether.. coz I am halfway to Nirvana.. with each and every breath.. wish you were here..! x

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