Saturday, 26 March 2016

Internet Babys..

A Baby over the internet!?.. Yes.. "as an enclosed attachment".. wow! thats amazing.. and friends; it is fundamentally do-able... distance is no object for a dedicated sperm with "tail power"... and the disembodied ability to be put back together like a complex Lego toy...

Yes fools.. it is far from actually even impossible.. Windows is code; life is code; we are code;.. just remake the "recipe" block; for; block;.. all the raw materials are readily at hand from many a source.. let's leave that part out.. coz it's messy; embarrassing; not to mention illegal in most cases..

then; get some surrogate; to go full term i.e. = in a ''Hired uterus''.. What a result.. no Rape has been committed.. no pain or pleasure was exchanged.. unlike in the conception of many a worthless Bastard..

there should be a super spunk n ovum Lotto.. where we all send in our code, to mingle the best with the rest of humanity... to make a super Lotto Baby.. that can be our saviour... a born winner..

Happy Wanking.. I personally have run out of the juice.. I'd rather have a piss than ejaculate at my age... go figure...

But it is possible, considering all the information in a single sperm is no more than 34k of bits... Hello; is this Idea gonna go viral; or become a second rate Sci-Fi B Movie... I dont give a Monkeys fuck take it, have it for free.. download a replica of me direct from eBay..

Careful the links you share... especially uncooked sausages on a low heat camp stove... You will poop for a month... as; there is not enough toilet paper to save your ass from extinction...

blood sucking bugs are the bastards from Hell.. but spunk is the Caviar of the God's.. most indulgent feasts... the Devil always puts on a good Buffett.. (i)

Wanna lick my fingers?.. 
lmfao.. '~*

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