Saturday, 27 February 2016

Unlimited Happiness.. 4 all..

If only more people/folk/tribes realised how easy it is to be happy, even when you count the money left on your Electric meter.. and ration frozen bread in the fridge... have only 3 cans of Lidl's baked beans, a few packets of cheapest instant mash potato..

A budget so stretched it is a contravention of the Laws of reason perception and good finance.. when all you have is a tiny drop of hope in your heart.. which sustains you.. endless prayers emanating from your constant compulsion to talk to yourself.. for people you dont even know...

is there something a little bit wrong with you?.. or conversely; very right with You.. like the "skin and Bones Job" I am perpetually asking the Higher minds.. to "MAKE HER HUNGRY"... 

Lisa Rose dont need no Clothes; coz.. everyone can see She is Skin and Bones.. Her mum needs a Soul to depend on.. for all the pain She gives Her, and even without being with or near Her.

I can Help somehow to ease Her Fears and many sorrows... (as I was told, by the little Jewish Lady that follows Her in Spirit.. (I have no means of Knowing this) but I believe She was a member of The Holocaust club... This little Jewish Lady..

none of this makes sense?, but it is not artifice, deliberate construction of a mediocre mind... it is the painful smack of a Slapped face, rejected for being too familiar..

I Come to life... every few seconds..
but dont ''see Dead people''.. I see sad souls who are barely living.. especially "Her"..  I saw hidden sorrow.. O; what I would give to be a help or of practical use to Her...

Just had a Vision of Pure touch... when 2 hands fit; fingers between fingers... then fold up on each other.. you must know what I mean?.. better than a Kiss.. the hand of acceptance that say's.. don't worry.. Your safe to feel alive.. and share our loneliness together..

I am; here.. right at the end of your Arm... and even when we let Go.. we will still be in contact.. in QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT.. (as u probably gathered.. My total obsession in contemplation and description, that I want to share with everybody.. at every opportunity..)

it's not a distant pipe dream this is the essence of reality's illusion.. and the frail thin threads of magnetic interaction of not just particles but entire sentient entity's... over distances immeasurable and unimaginable; yet potent and as real as a potato... before and after you Eat it!..

I saw 'HER' the other Day; again!.. from a few hundred feet.. but I didn't have the Heart.. to bother Her.(after all; She didn't; call me back..) I was wearing a Hood.. and turned 180' on seeing it WAS her.. I rationalise it is better to keep my distance until fate delivers a moment of shared experience, that is wholesome and natural...
not pursued selfishly and thoughtlessly..

Soon; when Her Daughter is suddenly and miraculously improved.. My life's purpose will have been fulfilled.. but until that moment.. I happily give all my good wishes in gravity waves and invisible touch... to help Her in every small task..

I am just a witness; not a participator... after all:
Great Joy pe@ce and blessings to all who absorb any good from my words dancing on an LCD screen.. in the superb paradox of augmented reality, called "here".. where is here?... here is everywhere...

even there; where You; intersect; 'this reality'.. or I do 'Yours'.. whatever; it is 'exactly equal' ... however you rationalise it?:

What exists...'that cannot be measured'... 
'cannot cease to exist''..* as even its absence is proof of it's Latent existence.. faith is the only certainty you can truly perceive... particle Physics is fundamental spirituality.. dont you get it yet?..

(because it is before and after creation, i.e. ahead and behind time, simultaneously; therefore not actually in this "here".. and lives in a dimension called, the eternal now.. where Love lives to bring comfort to the Damned as they burn, where even pain becomes ecstasy in the knowledge of your "final safety".. 

*(yup; I said that, please Quote me.. extensively! )

that is my 'CREDO phrase' for Wiki... after I die I want to prove it by returning as a particle that cannot be smashed in CERN.. or the next big bang..

Just kidding.. I dont have to prove anything.. 
there is "nothing to prove".. 

Nothing IS PROOF!... as there can never be Nothing!!

Now do you get it?... 
dont worry I'll coach you..

ILU 4 EVR Mother.. Dulcie!.. 

thank you for your many Gifts... most especially this life I give to the World; in Your Memory... 


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