Friday, 5 February 2016

Remembering Don

The enclosed song is my Blog today.. It's been on loop for 72 hours.. = 3 days, only with a break for sleep and rest.. thats how I listen to a favorite song.. to the point of sweet emotional insanity.. a lifted state of being..

which is where I love to be... it's really a highly active state of concentrated meditation.. you can still do your daily chores, but much longer than a Dang Mantra.. a song beats chanting... 

this is also in Memory of Don Henley of "The Eagles" a Band synonymous with the best of modern American culture.. where country came from.. I love it to Death, ''steady on Lad'' (remembering Terry Wogan too)... well I love it to the point of painless self termination.. which is a no-brainer to a madman.. do madmen have brains..chuckle, guffaw, hic, choke, burp, sneeze, squirt.. Ahem...

Fuking Yeah... look at Mozart.. Salvadore Dali.. Francis Bacon.. Joan of Arc.. (yup she is a Woman.. Humanity includes them as equals, therefore definition bound by the laws of description as ''Humanity'' includes you Mother, Girlfriend, and you Wife)..
So here is my Blog within a Blog... the reason I wanted to share this wonderful song with whom/whosoever shall chance upon it...

The late but still great American, Don Henley... oh and Dolly.. x

X 4u..? nah.. dont be so vain..
It turns out reports of don's Death was a HOAX!.. he is very much still alive..

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