Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Posterior Discomfort

"A pain in the ass" I do not want to become... so I foolishly called "Her" last night.. and I let it ring out about 12 times till the answerphone kicked in.. and left a feeble message.. and hung up... OMG..

I wont be doing that again in a hurry... I dont want to be that pain in the ass.. so immediately on hanging up.. I felt quite nauseated.. stupid, bothersome, importunate; and a "pain in the ass"...

She has a full and busy life.. who am I to seek her time and attention.. I feel dreadfully guilty.. and "a pain in my own ass".. Just got to remain selfless to the highest degree.. beyond the call of moderation.. I must become a malingering ghost, that does not haunt her...

but just a few minutes with Her lasts for weeks... it is almost 2 months since the "event"... at least I have a Joyful expectation in my heart that was not present before it... so let me count my blessings... a Dream is every bit as legitimate as any found reality..

Thank God I have got one that is so, sweet and gentle.. it sustains and raises me up (like the song) I got it for nothing, and cant expect anything more than, Polite tolerance.. and an occasional chat in the park.. How could I ask for any more? Never!... if it causes Her Posterior Discomfort.. lol..


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