Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Cruelty and Kindness

There is a Dichotomy between Cruelty and Kindness.. You've heard it said that sometimes; you have to be cruel; to be Kind.. piffle..

Like denying your dog endless tit-bits to chew on.. so She wont get Morbidly Obese like some Pet owners and their Mutt's... though if your soft of heart, you do give in and give them just "a little something" to placate her immediate desire...

You can be too kind, and too Cruel?.. to different people? it's a kind of insular, selective persecution of others... Deserving souls mostly dont get what they need to be sustained, to be happy... to be content.. 

I found the joy of contentment, in a few passing moments.. some folk have no conception of "Sufficient unto the day thereof".. kinda homespun state of adaptive grace..

There are Thousands of ways to do both or get either.. But who would be concerned with degrees of torment as opposed to a little.. it's subjective isn't it?.. what you consider a light jest; is a total invasion of privacy to another?..

Disproportionate reactions.. often occur, when the response of Another is "assumed... dont get too close; sometimes people bite.. then; once filled with Spite.. smite You for their pleasure..
at their leisure... dont trust any one; nobody is worth a moment alone with what you prize... most?..

Your Sanity, patient's, Soul.. a few words of kindness can heal a weary heart.. but cruelty deliberately inflicted.. is the vilest act of evil that brings hurt and discomfort to another..

''He who the ox to wrath has mov’d Shall never be by woman lov’d." (Blake)
''there is a Holiness to the heart's affections''.. (Keat's) 

you offend God when you break anothers.. there the seeds of madness are sewn; in fields; that grow only Thorns; that cut you to pieces as you harvest them.. in the echoes of memory.. resurrected in endless repetition.. where Scarecrows are made from dead lost lovers.. who can see the scars on a Ghost's face carved by burning tears of loss...

Cruelty leaves a lasting impression.. be it; a nasty tweet, or Hydrochloric Acid?... the evil is 'in the intent'.. the consequences of which are; the annihilation of joy itself, for the victim and the originator.. all You give "returns to You";

to give Mercy; is to receive it, but those without faith cannot believe it... as kindness is a stranger to them... they see with earthly eyes.. not the heart... they begin their journey lost from the start..

on Love..
you're Blessed if You do, and Damned if you dont..on Hate.. the reverse is true..

So; Don't ever let it be a part of You:

A beggar who shares his bread with a rat..
has more virtue than a King, feasting his court on the sweat and taxes of the poor...

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