Monday, 1 February 2016


Forget what I was saying.. I want to live until I die.. will do for me.. guess the fuck what, I drove into my local Gas/Petrol Station, to get a loaf of Daily bread, on getting back in the Car, another car pulls in right next to me on the left.. I look round and startled to see it's.. "Her".. (Lady of the Blog, the bringer of light Joy and all Human comforts.. The Girl of my over extended dreams; and Azimuth of all my worldly wish fulfilments... made manifest and corporeal in living Human form..

Out of a dark grey sky.. comes light.. "I saw Her", exchanged some words, and She was great! so personable and candid with humour and charm of an Archangel.. Ahh.. immediate spiritual ascension... like a sigh that lasts a Month..

She has the facial expressions and body language of a Charming child... She gave me Her Phone Number, and I gave her mine... told her about the Art portfolio I'd made for her.. She asked me about My recent UFO encounters, which I have yet to tell of; here*.. thats another dozen Blogs..

We have yet to organise a "transfer window of mutual convenience".. but my Painful Heart/Hart is ticking over like Bentley's Camshaft.. No Crisis, what crisis... people get old and die... only the Wicked in spirit are scared to Die.. But I know otherwise, coz I've seen the other side..

not all souls make the Jump.. mind You.. but I have negotiated with the Boss and it's all taken care of.. no Worries...

Think I'll roll a Joint... I feel fine now..

Yes I have a personal relationship with "the visitors" which I have never broached Here at all, as it sounds like so many you have all heard before... I didnt want to Bore you with it.. or be made fun of and Humiliated because of it.. You wouldn't want to know what I cannot tell You.. believe me.. Ignorance is Bliss as far as You're concerned..
long may you remain blissful..

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