Monday, 11 January 2016

Ziggy has split..

BBC world service is on all night at low volume.. just above my head as I lay in bed.. why?: to seed dreams with sounds and keep me up to date with all the bad news.. well I was roused from a deep sleep with the news that Bowie was a Goner..

Then all the usual Cliches and double talk hit the airwaves.. "cultural Icon, Original innovator, a Musical Legend, dont forget he was somebodys Dad too.. and a Husband who will be greatly missed..

I never saw Him 'Alive'!.. (But I have reason to believe he did exist) as I have an aversion to crowds.. but my favorite memory of him; is when he sang "Heros" in 2001 for 9/11 victims in NY.. that made me cry with pride and joy.. that he could comfort so many people all at once; in a state of deep grief and shock horror...

There are 2 types of People, present ones who have not finished their paragraph, and past ones who can write no more.. He now becomes part of the universal tapestry of our culture.. a fondly embroidered corner of the freedom flag, of free thinkers, who dont wear blinkers... and say it like it is...

He is in good company.. no doubt there will be a welcoming party to pull him over to the other side.. the great never die.. they just become Legends, and live forever.. in the imagination of mere Mortals..

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