Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Zero Day

That Wonderful Manic high... has elapsed, collapsed, and crapped out... as I feel numbed blank and subdued... going to bed early.. let's hope I dont wake up... Good night..

No more happy go lucky; I'm all screwed up and mucky.... back to silent reclusive imbecile with a stupid face.. Busy doing other things.. with high voltage, and variable resistance...

so if I have nothing to say, why am I saying it?... Nothing... coz.. momentarily I feel the vacuum of space and cold nothing fills the tiny void I thought was me... we are just USB sticks with different data.. vessels containing almost nothing... but flashes of memories long past and gone... like old Cheesy sappy songs.. long gone from the charts filled with wet farts... posing like vein Demons in a sharade of insincerity... and empty platitudes.. spoken from an vacant mind:

As a Manic Depressive I must admit the Downs are very down; and the Weather dont help at all... Thank God for the illegal Drugs.. to ease the squeeze; I am a boil and my soul is the Puss... I end up running down the mirror..

But dont worry Honey... I would always be "up" for you.. no.. not in that way; silly!... 

emotionally and intellectually.. I'd always make any sacrifice to make you feel better... even if I have to "fuck off" to achieve it!... I accept my fate I missed the Bus years ago.. it's way too late... to find a Soul M8:

Or is it?... Duhh "probably" nit wit..

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