Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Random blog Ideas

A few bite sized pompous postulations to keep your empty soul fed with divergent non-logical distractions of reason to keep you on the edge of insanity, along with me, for the ride; hold tight; I am about to twist your nipple with a branding Iron.. then place a 3 ft white hot Poker up your Anus.. just for fun you understand, and dont forget You agreed to, when you signed the declaration of total Literary perversion.. lol.. Feed Children my tit's are full of pure milk of Human kindness.. and a touch of cruelty.. Who can resist such an excursion into the essence of Entertainment?... when you have emptied your Bladder.. please read on... or be Gone!... +

The Greatest Achievement in ALL in RECORDED history of Humankind.. is... Motherhood... So ironic? Gentle Women give Birth to Men who grow up and then Kill them.. then go and kill the Children of Other Mothers.. terminate all Men at birth.. let Lesbians take over the world...

Critical Mass.. Love is the mind of God.. in action and contemplation... and always takes precautions.. like a condom.. with a new 'John'

I am only Seducing You Spiritually... there is no adultery in that.. as I am too old to even put my finger in.. more than one joint... one flick and that is it.. I forgot the location of a Clit..

half controlled Madness.. the rest is random reflex...
out of the chaotic unconscious mind comes forth, a piece of quantum jocularity?..

I am a Hermaphrodite, thats Why you will always see a smile on my Face:
I'm actually fucking Myself right Now..

Mind Bomb?
what would the world be like now if SLAVERY HAD NOT HAPPENED.. much fewer filth on the streets?..

Behind every Great Woman.. is another Woman..
But behind every great Man is a hungry maggot... or a thrusting rich faggot...

Shopping: Girl at Till: can u put your card in please?.. I like to say.. ''I've put it in as far as it will go... CAN YOU FEEL IT?... yet... ha ha.. usually gets a laugh from other waiting customers..

You can get fat for 'fuck all' in Lidl's...

A great humiliating punishment... to shit in public, in a Glass Toilet filled with cameras... and be forced to wipe your ass with a dead Rat...

I was Born a bastard but; may Die a saint, in spite of robbing my Grandma, and shagging my Cousin when she was 11 after she hit her head on a lampost;

I got fed up being mediocre.. after I met someone far more interesting than me... which was a shock.. up till then I was the most interesting person I had ever had the good fortune to be acquainted with..

You are a Cool; Hip; slick; street cred; Chic, chick.. definition of Delevingne: 

the Imax of total recall... absolute detail in visual complexity...

This is not here... or any where else.. yet:
but I bet you get it before you buy it?

Do a piece on Cruelty and kindness v damnation and Enlightenment... might get a few laughs..

I won the Lottery... of the Oxford English Dictionary!.. cant you tell?..

Dont forget Dogma v Reality...

Irretrievably recalcitrant.. = Muslims!... they will always be backward.. they are born to stay that way.. it's dogma or ignorance, and they always choose BOTH!.. 

is there anyone out there Who could love me more than I do? that Is a Joke btw: you can laugh.. wait... Now:

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