Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Cure For Laziness..

The imminent destruction of your Body by Cancer... impending Old age, falling off a cliff, going to the wrong Hotel in Israel.. or a morning execution.. that makes most people appreciate even walking to the bathroom (while you still can) to take a break and open your exit ramps... to a wonderful place called... ahhh, that felt sooo Good..

I'd do it all over again if I could...

If Shitting was in the Olympics.. I would win Gold on the Heptathlon coz I would shit on every event "while participating" and at the flag event.. I'd be pumping something for sure... even if it was only Lucozade..

I would definitely Defecate for my Cuntry... if it meant we can beat the rest of the world... I would Throw my eyeballs as targets for the small bore turkey shoot!.. and Karaoke finals...

if they want to film it at 1,000,000 frames a nanosecond I would blow myself up in Mecca as a walking (brief case nuke) bomb.. to fuck those sub-humans off.. even for a false flag.. CIA I am your best bet to terminate your favorite target.. I am willing almost ready and very capable and able +.. let me be Your Human Cruise missile.. it would make me very proud indeed... take heed...

I would give my Life in anonymity, to set the World free.. (thats no Joke)
as long as you promise to forget me: I dont matter..

But; YOU DO !..

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