Tuesday, 12 January 2016

change the Laws of Physics..

Oh Yeah.. Stop a gun from Firing and it will alter a potential future.. Oh Yeah?.. Turn Hate into Love.. with Education and understanding..

There is a metaphysical potentiality... to alter consciousness en-masse with the right information.. but is it available in My Language?


Love is beyond the laws of Physics.. it is definably unquantifiable: as it is outside matter alone.. deeper than your bones.. where the presence of someone is conveyed through a phone.. or words written for You.. whose lines you read between..  to feel a Beauty that cannot be seen.. or contained.. a sentiment transferred from one brain to another.. or essence of ineffable soul in a moment of transfixed disembodied unity.. affinity.. one-ness in a reflected moment that becomes now..

even a Buddha gets an occasional "Blow Job".. when ISIS destroy His image with explosives.. where the material crosses over into the ethereal.. is where the Majesty of the perfect momentary contemplation leads...

To the place of perfect Pe@ce:
chant inside your head with me: and be set Free..
from disappointment and Purgatory..
Jesus was a Buddhist you better believe it!..
May you be filled with Love; when you need it:

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