Monday, 25 January 2016

An imagined Persecution..

Disgusted with the Hollywood "Race illusion fiasco" and all it's diversity of opinions let alone coloring/colouring (gotta educate Both sides of the Atlantic on eclectic idiosyncratic spelling's; it's my Job as rightful judge Jury and executioner.. of my irrifutable invective)

... I am Ashamed on their (who?) behalf...

By just drawing attention to it, they are discriminating "against themselves" (People of any fucking colour!) did the Asians have a fucking Problem? Did the chinese Object?.. on what grounds?.. ''there is the Equivocation''!.. was it because they ignored black talent?.. or because there was no "Breakthrough Performance" of merit... huh?..

you know the real Problem!.. "The Blacks Think They are White!" so White they need a separate Awards just for dissapointed "People of Colour"...

however you try to say this you/me/anyone starts sounding like a racist.. dont you realise how small the minds that evoked this un-decodable  Equivocation; in un-resolvable vortex that is only seen as a Division, NOT A UNITY OF EXCELLENCE ALONE?... HUH?.. anyone got a particle of common sense?..

Charlotte Rampling was UNQUESTIONABLY HONEST and postulated a very Plausible though not obvious contradiction, which the politically so-called correct; were too YELLOW! to say; to be FAIR TO ALL!, the award itself is a form of exclusion, by discrimination.. of one performance over another.. indeed, On behalf of all the WHITE CHICKENS who may have thought it but, didn't want the "HASSLE AND COMPLICATIONS of "Speaking from the HEART!!.. like; so few do..

(like I try to do, unless your so mediocre you just want to agree with the consensus, not even take A RISK of personal, and highly possible recrimination, and even DANGER to one's safety, THAT IS BRAVE and Ought to be Admired, actually.. such unrestrained Courage coming from a Dainty frail Woman, who could probably be killed with one punch from "an angry nigger.." like so many are!.. to their Shame)

When being is not being; but seeming to be, it is not really being at all.. is it?.. 'Charlotte' was the first; to "speak a reasonable, if harshly honest truth... that's why the British ruled the world, we are a People who'd rather speak their mind.. and stand their ground, on a principal, of pure "Reason".. rather than start a fight over petty misapprehensions...

I'd cant wait to hear Her acceptance speech, if/when She wins the little gold Phallic trophy of a collective impotence.. 

"buy that Guy a Drink!"...

me: who Me?....

No!... ''The Nigger who is most Pissed off...'' 

Maybe they should dip their awards in Black Paint too.. so they dont feel humiliated.. sure; it sucks to lose... but Hey.. you didnt even get nominated; did you deserve to win anyway... just.. "Because Your Black?" 

live with it... Get a Life.. ''learn to be Humble''... like us White folk.. 


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