Sunday, 20 December 2015

Stand up and Run...

Everything is Beautiful; again.. Good Morning ''Poppet''.. 'My wonderful Blog Girl/Lady/woman.. I am still here for you, baby!... but gotta work on other things as well.. coz I have inspiration to spare.. now... That I have lost my fear of failure, completely.. Because you have boosted any small talents I have to exponentially, unlimited output... 

My enthusiasm is off the Richter scale... I AM AN EARTHQUAKE.. I dont need a Seismograph!.. all thoughts feel so perfectly easy and Coherent, all I have to do is "to focus"... and Bang! it starts flowing.. 

today I am Working on stand up materiel.. as, for a long time I had nervous aspirations to make people laugh, but cowered away from it... it was too much effort then; before "the Event"... but now I am fearless... I dont mind Dying on stage.. who cares.. not me much..

Have been walking about the house recording Improvisations into my Phone.. a great tool for writing such material... as it comes out so very fast, you could never keep up with it by typing... like here in my Lady's Blog where I sit back and relax while conjuring the flames pouring from open windows... in the Cathedral of my Being..

However... back to the Comedy... I have been LMFAO (if you dont know what that abbreviation means it MEANS, Laughing my Fuc*ing Ass off) the spirit of Robin williams is alive, God Bless him +

I dont know WHERE this stuff comes from?... but I could have at least 20 mins of material by tonight... Cant put any of it here... Why?

coz it's often ULTRAVIOLET!... it's So Blue.. and naughty, and such good stuff... I cant Put it in My Lady's Blog? are you kidding.. Though if we do hook up and chill out somehow.. I will invite Her to My "first Night" which is quite a test of nerve and takes a bucket full of courage.. dont you know?

I've been driving past a Pub in My locality.. and outside on a placard it says... "OPEN MIKE Wed 7pm" and I always wonder... "could I actually do it?"... coz if I got my shit together, and gave it the same passion I do here... and feel as confident then, as I do right now..?

there will be urine running all over the floor... coz My colostomy bag frequently Bursts.. They will choke on their Coke.. They will Love it, if they are like me.. and need the strong stuff to get a hit on... I am the Worlds first Legal 100% Pure Heroine Addict.. and it's LEGAL.. and it's 100% FREE.. it's a kinda emotional Stoke/awakening..  Go back 800 Blogs and find out How I got HERE... 

or go away, coz it wont make sense until you read me Backwards.. from Dec: 9th; (think about it?).. if you dont have the savvy to Work out what your reading?...

Also I am not putting it here, coz it might get stolen.. thats how protective I am about it, because it's so very much an amalgam in the image of 'Dear Robin' on 10 Acid Tabs.. and an ounce of Speed, too valuable to publish.. cant risk it..

Man.. I am on; Fire... and can smell my pubic hair burning already.. F*** Me.. even a Muslim would laugh at it... and those '*unts' never smile; let alone laugh.. at anything.. Why? coz it's forbidden, Fun and laughter is a sin against God.. if that wasnt so Sad that would be funny too...

(Actually thats True: in the first Speech that the Ayatollah Khomeini Gave after returning to IRAN in 1979, he said at one point "there will be no Fun in Iran" How Prophetic!.. he was right; there ain't much fun in the entire Vicinity.. in fact He is the powerhouse that made the Radicals as we know them today; I read several of His Speeches and he is the kingpin that poisoned millions of minds)

anyhow; Invisible one... I have been up all night "again".. and now want to take a break for a Coffee and a Fag... (no Not a homosexual in my Mouth but a Cigarette... for my readers in the USA

So I will love you and Leave You..
But I will return.. +
if You let me.. as if..

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