Wednesday, 30 December 2015


in praise of Mothers... x

The Greatest Achievement; on Earth.. is: to give Birth.. there is no Love like a Mother's.. Nobody knows the Love of a Mother.. Except another Mother..

There is no sacrifice a Mother wont Make to feed or save Her infant.. even if it is a deformed distorted; fright of a baby.. she wont turn it away.. a Mother's Love.. "Boldly goes; where no Man's Love has been Before"..

it's not just instinct.. it is the indefatigable courage to "try to Love" that makes a Mother so wonderful... overcoming insurmountable obstacles and cruelty from Men with Sociological Alexithymia... Dum insecure Men who, never "Got Love?" (understood it or received it) and carries a backpack of self pity forever with him... to dredge up again, and torment every Woman who ever tries to Love him... (wretch/gag/Hurl,)

I've seen it; heard it; done it all... 'I was that Man!...'

The Demographics proves the highest percentage of tolerance, to keep a Child you cannot afford, is much more likely to be the Mother.. of course not all Mothers are good ones.. there again the percentages scream from the page.. there must be more Good women, than good Men..

mind You not all and every Man is a single celled 'Emotional spastic..' just most of them.. so weak they fall to pieces at the mere mention of your name..'s Women who really have the Invisible Balls.. of a ''Street fighting Man'' 

such a pity there's so few Good Girls to go round in such a feast of Love hungry Humanity, that's why many Men settle for 2nd and 3rd best.. but these Men only Marry; so they can have sex on tap.. Mens Love is crap, compared to the real deal warmth and feel, of a Good womans Love..

it's changes winter into spring, makes Fun out of everything.. makes flowers bloom and Robins sing.. is white doves on the wing.. all this only a Woman can bring.. Coz Men are pathetic underdeveloped selfish, mean vengful nasty twisted conceited vein fuck up's.. 

even an abortion makes you a Mother in denial.. Still borns too.. spastics Mongols and freaks... the doorway of eternity is between a womans legs.. so too the Grave.. The womb; is a Dress rehearsal for the tomb... 

make way.. make way... there is plenty of room.. and thats not the end of the story... Your soul (if you have one left) then ascends into Glory..

and that's not the end either.. even to a non believer?... Yes: Rewards for kind acts unseen, are never forgotten by the mind that received it, that is the witness who saved your life by revealing a moment of good in you, and in so doing... you accidently found redemption.. Lucky You!..

See?.. Miracles happen.. 
even to Assholes like me!..

That "Mysterious Lady" had a whole heap to do with it.. I do not deny.. but; Hey... I dont have a problem with Her, nor She with me.. if I ever should bump into Her.. I will be cooler than ''Jack Daniels on Dry Ice''.. You better believe it... I have the control and capability to be Natural "at will" now..... Because .....

My summation of all that 13 days is now deeply filed and not to be forgotten.. I have "Equalised = Spiritually and Emotionally" and still enjoy the Positively traumatic BOOST to my Psyche..
Only Good can come of it... by it's Depth Purity and Power.. 
I will never be the same again.. 'no problemo'..

Pax to the Max..'+'.. (thats BOO saying Hello!)

sending a Big Hug to Danielle in Brooklyn too.. XOX
hope you are well... wanna be friends again?  x
coz; I found out how to be one.. Now!..

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