Thursday, 10 December 2015

Love's inverted Vortex

You have no Idea what it is to be Lonely, until You meet someone You long to share time with.. who isn't there with You, nor will be again.. and You hurt with yearning just to be near them in proximity... but you must conceal your need as to expose it is weakness and also very selfish.. You do not have a right to Ask for anything; or expect that which You do not deserve in the first place, without earning it:

As Genuine Love never demands or tricks another to respond out of common sympathy or pity.. as that is a devious unwholesome artifice and underhand manipulation, of anothers time, half the fun of truly totally Loving someone is the endless uncertainty; and enduring an unbearable Agony of unrequited silent longing, that never relents...

But it is a Beautiful Pain you embrace, because it is born of the one You adore... who is nameless; and hidden in silent secrecy, which You only whisper in Prayers of merciful release, between each dizzy breath as you become exhausted with the "true Spirit of Devotion".. 

which is pain, sacrifice, and selflessness.. not to mention sleeplessness, and you happily suffer it; for it's pain is the Only evidence you have.. it is all you have.. The Poverty of lovingkindness asks for nothing: or it ceases to be good:

and folded deep within the bleeding wound that you tenderly nurse, is the untold Joy beyond description you carry with pride and head held High.. and are happy to die with a smile, for the spark of Hope that shocks your heart into life is all the food you need.. as simple Hope; fills you more than a stomach bursting with food.. 

just to feel the limitless power of Love within you, is to be directly in contact with the "Beloved" who though a Galaxy away is eternally united, and never to be parted, in the quantum entanglement of an invisible Kiss.. across an endless Universe of total Bliss..

in other words; it's Corinthians 13

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