Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Lisa Rose is so composed..

Lisa Rose is so Composed... She dont need to wear no clothes.. coz the world can see, a Great Great Grandmother in thee.. 

Who by giving Her life set the rest of the Family Tree free.. from the Ashes of 1933.. and the rest left the country...

Don't carry the Burden of an Empty Heart bereft by anothers Death; that you keep so 'Johnny'? Deep.. 

Lisa Rose, God Knows Your Too good For this world.. Please dont leave us! or Your Dear Mum.. or Me.. the person who writes this sweet Poetry....

Have my bone marrow.. take my Eyes, so they cant cry; when I see How Beautiful You are....  Please will you accept, that I would Give my own Life to save Yours... please dont Doubt me... and dont worry I would do it in Secrecy.. 

it is a far far better thing.. I do for me.. 
to dwell in anonymity..

I'd rather die for someone who deserves to live... than live My life that was not worth nothin...

this is Very Personal direct stream of consciousness Message for possibly the most beautiful Soul, who is about to regain control.. By the power of Prayer.. My Prayer... Personally from Me to You.... by the love that has been given to me from another source.. to pass on to You..

It is Pure Sweet and True: not ever anything that could ever harm you.. Trust me?.. a stranger.. reach to me in your mind; and in touching halfway be healed by tears of Mercy washing your face...

only 'the Gifted and the chosen' can make sense of this message?.. and Madmen like me...  because..

The heart that KNOWS; Compassion!.. ''is the Mind of God'' who weeps in silence for you to be Well.. and sends abundant blessings "even in digital domains" directly to your Pain filled Heart... to Begin again! live again.. Love again.. To be set free from Slavery!.. the obsession of esthetics.. and its affect on poor lonely girls who want to be loved.. by perfect men with their perfect bodies..

may "YOU" be "Lifted and Gifted" with a new life that can never end.. in the company of Saints whom your family did accidentally befriend...

if Your Mum reads This.. please note the good Company Your Heart is in.. its a win win no lose situation.. 

if the Number 29 means anything to You.. then my essence is with you; You live up top? I can reach you from the sky by Skylight? 

This is not a threat but a promise:
You will be healed.. because I have Kneeled; for your Life; on Your Behalf.. and asked in prayer with a particular "frequency" which are almost always are granted.. He usually answers my prayers coz he knows I love HIM so much... 

No less than the love I send you You Mum and Dad, and Sweet sister, Hannah the Visual genius.. that brought me the Pics that Blew my Mind in meaningful pleasant contemplations... 

Tell Ye'r Mother I luv er... Dont tell Your Dad, Coz No doubt He would kill me, if he thought I was a Pervert.. which I no longer have the energy for.. all I want is a peaceful life (NO AUTOGRAPHS) it's fun to laugh with "People" You love!!..

Pax to the MAX +

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