Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Legal Class A Drug

Crying releases Endorphins, and serotonin is produced, in the last week I have experienced Highs that Junkies (forgive the pun) would die for...

I am permanently "on the verge of Tears" dont pity me please.. I have never been happier in my miserable life... but I have control of dosage "AT WILL" and it is an indescribable transcendence... My consciousness has never been so highly tuned or spiritually unrestricted.. I am closer to the Mind of God than ever before, an incredible sense of being able to "change and alter reality" 

a Nuclear submarine is a Toy compared to the Power I feel flowing through me..  My Missiles are filled with Healing Love and infinite Mercy, forgiveness, and redemption to every Army and murderer.. and in judgement my Bombs will kill you with kindness.. My Guns shoot Kisses... My bayonet only cuts the Bread of Life.. not throats or baby lambs...

Paratroopers come supplied with Kleenex.. to wipe the tears from your eyes as you realise you you wont be executed; but were let off... and You cry with heaven sent Mercy that lets you, sets You FREE.. to live happily ever after in the Heaven that was already here, but you couldn't see it because your heart was so filled with hate...

This could be a Most Amazing Christmas ever for all Mankind.. look to the Skies something wonderful is going to happen... You are not alone, nor ever will You be... because the Lord will send a "Comforter to catch each and every tear" it's already very near..

dont Believe me? just wait and see.. Baby..
The Miracle of Love is already posted, and it's on it's way to You, it is even with you in spirit "Before it arrives" you dont need proof.. it is being revealed, just open your eyes and Your Heart...

and receive it freely... it is in unlimited supply
Just dont be afraid.. to accept it.. 

Take it.. 
it's Your's to Keep..

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