Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Hexadecimal Recalibrations

There is no Smallest Particle.. it goes on infinitum... (there are no particles, only waves; that Act like particles, but; only under some conditions.. and the waves are not waves.. they are intelligent.. they are alive... everything is Alive.. even rocks, Meteorites and even the Sun Is Alive, and the Sun has a Mind!! YES Has a Mind....

we live between 2 eternal infinities.. each are crossed by the illusion of scale by size.. that goes directly through the "Living Quantum field" through a string... where a human life is balanced just about inbetween...

I was told to tell you this? didnt leave a name.. dont know why... I am picking up signals that I cant make any sense of... No joke here... that was last blog.. streams of information and half visible pictures keep flashing when I close my eyes.. something very peculiar is going on..

If this is insanity.. I'm lovin it.. maybe its a flashback from a trip I took in 79? mind you I have been taking a few Drugs.. 200 mushrooms I picked in a fairy forest.. perhaps I'm just stoned... Oh boy am I stoned... How Come I am so wide awake and lucid? 

also walked across/atop an 8ft wall to change the parking light in our private Car park.. didnt want to wait for the Workers.. it's Xmas for the JC's sake, who is coming out to change lights this week? 

Everybody Overdose on me.. I got plenty.. and it's all free.. is that a double meaning or just suspended reality?...

It's a Joke you cant recover from.. because youd rather believe a Lie.. than anything truly Divine... Correct? Because you may be incapable of Believing your own eyes... to lazy to make a leap of faith, across a canyon of doubt and fear... The quantum leap = is a leap of mind; that is beyond disbelief..

"say the word"?... here in Semantic Gymnastics.. a free form of automatic typing, via the infusion of belief into reality... Reality is the side eff3ect of living matter, in combination with other elements... i.e. any given stimulus will lead to a reaction and output.. through a system that manifests sentient consciousness... get it? please get it!!...
Zen.. is alive and well..

Don't ever be afraid to Dream.. 
it is what the Soul does best..

I dont want a Love I can live with..
I want a Love; I cant live without!..

romance is not dead, just 'deferred'.. (giggle)
Love exists 'independently of people'..

it is a Power unto itself.. that all can share..
just "say the word".. and it will be there...
so dont weep and dont despair..

Pax Christi +

the Peace of Christ.. be within You..
(and You.. Lady)

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