Thursday, 17 December 2015

Delirium in Continuum

Do want to hear the Good News or the bad news... well; the good news is.. there is 'no bad news'.. God never let's you down, only People do that!.. 8 days in tears of Joy and redemption.. I wouldn't change a thing.. if this whole episode turns out to be an idiots mental aberration, I still had a great time... 

and wouldn't be suicidally sorry.. because it is no more than I deserve.. it was a Poets Graduation to be fed to the heavens.. to be so moved I could hardly function..

Because I KNOW.. I dont deserve anything.. I am a wicked sinner.. and They dont get good breaks.. they always go to Hell... dont They?

wot do you take me for a dilettante?, a half formed shallow soul in a mediocre low intelligent mental illness... obviously your not reading "between the lines" go off; and find your own Heaven, this is not for you, it's for Her, (Our Sacred Lady of the Blog) I gazed upon the face of the Princess... and for doing so must surely be put to death... (remember the fairy story?) you know something?... I Dont Care... The gift I received was real, and it was the truth... Test me all you like I wont break..

REALITY CHECK 2382982=72-826-8262: Went to the Park.. Which is to now me Disneyland; for silly sentimental romantics.. "Stealth Dog Walking has never had such a Hidden Happiness... and unashamedly I was Looking... What for? HER!.. Next time I will take Binoculars, that are in the glove box..

this is a feeling of Wellbeing in a state of suspended sorrow.. halfway between Normality and Raving Bloody Madness... My latent fear of Death has dissolved.. my fear of living has disappeared... all people I meet get a slice of the Joy I hide inside myself... My secret Sacred Treasure...

Remember 'Craig David's Song' in THE FIRST blog on wed: 9th Dec? well I haven't counted... but.. that song has been on permanent Loop from around 6am to midnight and after... for about 5 days.. and each time it ends.. I long for it to start again... if FIXES the delicate state I am living in.. like it says in the Lyrics... I DONT WANT TO LET IT GO... if I let it go I would cease.. 

it is LOVE HEROIN and best of all, I dont need a Dealer.. God administers it directly... Oh Boy; learn to cry (Girls dont need telling).. only Jesus Christ ever got this High, surly... were both Misunderstood smack-heads.... wot a good Pal to share his Precious Drugs with me.. for nothing... that's a True Friend:

She has stopped time and the ageing process; I am winding back like Benjamin Button... in Paradise; we will be forever Young.. by Gods unbelievably good grace and undeserved? Mercy..

Q? Can you feel the Love tonight?...
Oh Jesus.. I hope so.. keeping it all to oneself seems wrong.. love is for sharing.. get out in the streets and start Caring...

Happy Christmas and Peace to the World...
when you get low let me pick you up..
if Your Sick let me nurse You..
if You want to be alone.. let me leave you..
and just call.. if your hungry for all that the World fails to give You, Let me fill Your Heart all over again.. beat me hit me slap me spit on me.. I will never leave unless you find a "greater Joy"..

I'm not much.. But I do Love You, without limit or end: all I ask is you walk with me; and call me Friend... if it's just a Dream.. please dont wake me up... There is nothing more to live for...

But You +

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