Monday, 7 December 2015

BOMB that cant be Neutralised

an Idea is more potent than any Bomb: question is: our Idea or theirs... Islam has all the bombs; Outlaw Islam in Western Culture: as it is totally antithetical to any Reason at all: it is a Sub human doctrine of Ignorant backward People;
JUST LIKE US !!!!! who has the courage to call their hand?...

NUKE MECCA and piss the Filth off: RADICAL Christian JIHAD is our only final hope... or we will revert to 1460 in 2090:

~where are the Peacemakers with BALLS to take REVENGE? PUTIN is the new Messiah of the new world, coz the rest of us will be Ashes by the time our Masturbating Peacemakers pull their Finger out their ASSHOLES...

World war is so good for us: it slingshots many critical conclusions with Sheer FORCE:

US OR THEM?... I fear it will be them... they are the only ones with suicidal Bravery and courage?.... and when the Truck Nukes start appearing in the near future.. Your Toilet will flush anymore shit, coz you wont eat for months:

Take your pick.. or sleep on the Sofa... like White Scum do.. the color is unimportant it is the "mind set" of totalitarian albinos...

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