Sunday, 13 September 2015

Remper Teflex

Losing your temper is like a Heart attack; as you dont plan on it; ahead of time.. it catches you off balance in fee fall and you snap like a Dog barking at another... either in fear or anger.. doesnt matter..

Dont you always feel Ashamed, as you usually look down on people who cant control themselves, it turns out your one of those people you despise.. one of those petty small minded hypocrites who joins the lynch mob like any other persecutor of the innocent..

the primal animal within wants to cause Havoc pain and bloodshed... just like ISIS.. those Guys are always angry..

Where are the PEACEMAKERS in Islam? huh?.. where are the TOWN PLANNERS?.. huh.. they prefer a city in ashes and ruins.. Where are the Nursing Mothers; Men of God?.. or Sesame Street for Jihadists little baby's...

They dont have anything, that anyone actually wants.. just misery pain and trouble; wherever they go, Sorrow and a skull goes with them.. they never laugh with Joy or Cry with tears.. because they have none; no agenda; no philosophy no humanity or integrity; they are who; we could all sink to...

so take heed cruelty is the last currency whose value never decreases, relents or releases... the Domino effect begins with a pissed player... who destroys the board of the game that they are playing... Who do u want to ameliorate to? the us or the them.. the good or the Bad.. 

who admits the crime they are about to commit?

(a piece of Cheese made this blog)

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