Saturday, 26 September 2015

Pink n Blue Explained:

Ever wondered why Girls like Pink, and Boys are defined in the electromagnetic spectrum by Blue?...

it's so obvious yet exquisitely simple; it is my pleasure to give you my accumulated evaluation, with a peppering of unconscious assumptions and cold fact... arrived at by verbose and tantalizing expectation of satisfaction by the spitting of words at your head... like a safe assassination of ignorance... ahem..

when the Vulva opens to release an unknown mass, and "Crowns" (i.e. maximum stretch with the top of a baby's Head just showing... where a crown would sit; if the labia was a Crown:

we know what happens next so "Jump Cut to full exit" when this mess of a being covered in Blood slime, and still attached to a Placenta (the life support; back pack of a Foetus) it is hard sometimes to tell what Sex it is; unbelievably yet reasonably true! except by the colour/color (UK-USA spelling) of the amorphous mass between their leg's..

it turns out a color scheme for life... Pussy's are almost always pink, and Pricks are mostly blue/purple till the Mortician cuts it off for a keep sake...

Simple... So Girls who go nuts for pink "everything" are really celebrating the frequency of their true innermost secret... the Tunnel to life and Death, the Divine Vagina; one minute a cunt and a Birth canal the next, the only organ with x2 definitions..

and the Honey Pot all Men; adore to acquire access to.. it makes me Laugh wot the fuss is all about, coz my Libido Died when My Mother did:

Yours Truly

one time Slit licker and master blaster pastor of penetration: now a Masterful Enlightened Masturbator; on Ice:

$10,000 a Squirt.. or $5 dollars per sperm: I got DNA to Die for baby... all Abortions may be used in future Cosmetics why waste a drop of "wonder Juice" when you cant get better from just an anonymous donor... huh? 

this Mary Jane is like a Brain suntan.. 
Mann... '~*

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