Thursday, 6 August 2015

Russia is a Rape Victim:

Hello Russia, I see You are Avid readers of my vaginal discharge.. or the many weeping lesions from my brain... we are setting a trap all over to catch you in the bad art of Murder and convenient assassination..

Our best people are getting closer to Putin.. (and are; all Russians) and; they are all Stalinists; who prefer Honest Evil, rather than a pantomime of artificial official double talk... from a Mafia Boss.. They are queueing up to end your heartbeat.. which will become arrhythmic... and out of time.. as the Day of Redemption approaches.. "Man your days are numbered"..

You will hang for the things you did.. not before they tear the skin from your face, and take all your Money from the people you Robbed and Murdered..

We will turn your Town.. Upside down and inside out.. to drown every one of you mad bad Dogs...

so mote it be:

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