Thursday, 20 August 2015

Brotherhood of Idiots

I am first in Idiocy; it's a Family tradition; so dont take this personally..  and all Imbeciles are my friends.. (like; attracts like) so; if your a full time fool dimwit or plain idiot.. "let's hang"

the First Mistake an IDIOT makes... is to think IT is clever.. or original.. you need an added tincture of instability and partial insanity.. to even be ordinary..

Intelligence has at least 3 to several Degrees of separation from Genius.. and no Genius who ever thought through a new synaptic connection had 3 dimensions of action on a given inspired thought.. to reach a thesis of conclusion.. which is the path to Genius?

1: Ruminative, introspective, and diligent experimentation:
2: inspired, guesswork, and dreams from the unconscious:
3: unexplainable natural ability to discern and discriminate, which can involve the 2 above, beyond the boundaries of reason and informed science; takes chances, and communicates ideas with others.. Only; Newton worked "alone"?
4: dont try...

A: dont try..

but; cold dead faith; and the Hypnotic alliterations of the so called Prophet's; never proved a point; in absolute fact and Truth: 

and those with a Certified False faith, "the Catholic Church" imprisoned 'Galileo' through sheer Ignorance and the Evil of incalcitrant, unrelenting; Dogma.. the greatest Threat to Science; and Philosophical thought, is the blind ignorance of the masses... who deny the right for free thinking..

A Genius never; thinks they are.. or it cancels out the good work by the shallow essence of their being... Ego is the disease of the ageing Body; Mind is the Pool of Calm water's... that gives forth the fruits of an infinite ability to Adapt; comprehend and survive.. 

And know; that the material World will kill You; and break your spirit.. via "Greed; Desire; Vanity; and the immorality that it generates therein.. and your futile failure to ever achieve it.. coz you have no inner drive... or will to excel..

Ironically those who declaim the excesses of Human behaviour, are the most twisted and corrupt of All.. Islam is the perfect example; of "Learnt Ignorance; mindless Subjugation; by Arbitrary Laws enforcing a totally corrupt Agenda of "Morality" enforcing it's Flawed Fictional teachings into the fresh Minds of each generation, of Sheep...

nothing is a greater Rape of innocence; than to Deny a Girl education, birth control, and personal freedom, and sell Her off to a dirty old Man to abuse at 10 yr's... and used as a Mule to bear the children of that rape; who are bound to be Bastards.. by the simplest definition... and to perpetuate a World of Rape that never ends...

a Genius is someone who sees through all that and lives to escape the false information of Enslavement, to realise they have a right to, have a life of their own.. and freedom to love who they choose... and keep their Labia and clitorus In-Tact; from the butchers of Hell who relish cutting them off..

I hope the www predictions for Sep 23rd.. actually happen.. but sadly; we will wake up on the 24th.. with just another hang-Over... and a wet patch where the ho was... 


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