Sunday, 5 July 2015

Memories must be electro magnetic?

I had an 'Opium' Moment while walking in the deep cemetery of a 1000 year old church... while paying Homage to a friend of my Mothers Who is deceased.. and buried there.. Betty Shelly..

I remember the day she Died in 2000.. my Mum said on the phone, "Betty's Died in her sleep".. O... O, dear.. I remember saying, as she was a Wonderful sophisticated Lady with High connections both Genetic and well Born..

While walking to Her Grave.. I wondered... if every cell and part of our bodies is literally changed in 7 Year Cycles.. How can a person remember what was before the last "cell change service?" 10x or more cycles before?

Memories can last a lifetime... some less than a moment; like an ejaculation; that leads to a lifetime.. as yet unborn.. or about to be excised...

My conclusion is that memory of deep experiences, 'must be electromagnetic!' and the space they occupy in the pathways of our aging Brains; somehow get's transferred/retained to entirely new cellular structure!.. 

Which proves life after Death is practically probably  possible, if the core of our soul is just a "signature in almost no space at all below and within the bounds of the "Quantum field/flaw.." it need's no Mass!!... the Soul needs no MASS... it is a an empty space filled with potential possibilities, and places hard to be traced...

God Bless You Betty Shelley... live on and thrive forever in our hearts.. who were lucky enough to know you... Your a real honest to goodness aristocrat, for all that n all that.... of the nicest kind... Thankyou for the Money Honey.. I'm still spending it...


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